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1084 La Cuvée

Spumante Meteodo Classico
bottiglia 1084 la couvée

It represents the synthesis of the enthusiasm of members for wanting to create the most popular type of wine with a production model that the company considers the absolute best. Processing bases from “Chardonnay and Pinot Noir” grapes with the “solera” method, blending vintage wine with reserve wines followed by in-bottle refermentation. The subsequent steps from the stripping to remuage up to the disgorgement are strictly manual. The maniacal attention of these processes creates a product of extreme elegance and originality, brazen in the face of every comparison. This is the sought-after and desired philosophy since the birth of the company just like the name of this wine that takes us back to the birth year of the Abbey.


The sparkling wine is produced only from “flower must”, that is, what is obtained from the first pressing. Once fermentation has started, half in oak tonneau and the other half in stainless steel containers, the wine is aged in our “Pyramid” according to the “Solera” method. Afterward, the vintage wine, obtained mainly with Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes, and small percentages of native vines are blended with about 33% of the reserve wines. Subsequently, the refermentation in the bottle takes place according to the classic method.


Yellow straw color with fine and elegant perlage offers the scent of notes of vanilla, pastry, and brioche combined with those of candied citrus fruits, dried fruit, nuts, and toasted sensations. Intense and creamy on the palate with an almond finish and a pleasant citrus note.

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