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Genesi Line

GENESI is the line that represents the birth of a project. With the immense desire of the members to interpret the two types of wine they love most, namely a “Supertuscan” created from the marriage between vines of the Bordeaux area and local grapes, and a “classic method sparkling wine”.

These labels represent the roots which the identity of the brand gets its inspiration from, one is the namesake of the name of the company which is inspired by the Benedictine abbey “Badia Crepaldo”, and the other is the year of the foundation of the same monastery “1084”.

bottiglia badia crepaldo 2018

Badia Creplado

IGT Toscana
bottiglia 1084 la couvée

1084 La Cuvée

Vino Spumante Metodo Classico
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