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The company

Badia Crepaldo

A new story, the our one

Behind the birth of “Badia Crepaldo” lies our desire to carry on a story, to tell it with our own words, passing it on with the same emotion. Starting with the choice of the name, which refers to a historical and mysterious past, shrouded in myth, we reveal our desire to start writing a new page while preserving our roots. In fact, both innovation and tradition are blended in the work of the company “Badia Crepaldo”: our will to look towards the future winemakers, combined with artisan production processes are the formula that brought to light our project.

The entire chain is characterised by the human and traditional component. Every step of the process, which is strictly manual, is carefully carried out: we look after both the wine and the characterisation of bottles and labels.

We meet with great dedication to plan the processing, prepare the bottles and taste our wines, while studying new methods to improve our product.

The story we want to tell, though it began many years before the birth of “Badia Crepaldo”, is our story and we want to shape it with our ideas and our work: the uniqueness of what we are, as well as what we produce, is to be found in the aromas, in the colour, in the first sip.

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